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Red Oven Pizzas

As soon as you walk through the door you smell the aroma of wood and pizza and you see our authentic
Naples Made Wood Burning Oven and you know this is more than just another pizzeria – it’s an

Our Story

The origin of pizza has been debated for years but on the whole Naples, Italy is considered the birthplace of modern pizza. Our desire is to prepare a pizza according to the traditions of the Naples region.

It starts with our Oven, built-in Naples, Italy, and extends to the flour, San Marzano tomatoes, olive oil pulled mozzarella cheese which we use in our signature pizzas. We have created a light slightly charred pizza that entices the pallet with freshness and complementary flavors.

At Red Oven, we are preserving the tradition of making Craft Neapolitan pizza. Come and Enjoy.

History of Building

Our building was built in 1886 and served originally as a bakery from its origin until the early 1950’s. Around 1959 the Hutchen’s family expanded the size and started Florissant Mortuary. The Mortuary operated until 1969 in this location and then moved to its existing location on Graham Road. From the early 1970s until 1990 the building served as office space for various companies. Vacant since 1990 we started an extensive rehabilitation of this historic structure in 2013.

We have replicated the storefront to its original style and design and have uncovered the interior walls exposing brick that was covered with drywall and paint. While the walls show the changes made over the years the exposed brick also provides a canvas of colors, textures, and shapes. We hope you agree that we have brought the culmination of time, material, and talent to the beautiful structure you see today.